The Minister for the Budget was Inspector General of State (Off hierarchy at the Senegalese Civil Service) - The State Inspectorate reports directly the Office of the President of the Republic. It is:

- Certificate from the Administrative Training and Development Centre (CFPA)- July 1989;

- Certificate of the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM)

- Section Taxes and Domains 1998 - Inspector

- Editor at the Directorate of Registration, of the Domains and Stamps, in charge of:

• The management of public affairs in Dakar;

• Litigation, Registration and similar taxes;

• and Control the State Portfolio (Member of the Management and Control Unit of the State Portfolio of the Ministry of Economy and Finance). He was appointed to the position of Chief of Staff of the Minister of Housing: November 2002, before acceptance in June 28th 2005 for the entrance exam to the State Inspectorate (the only admitted this year ); before being Trainer at the National School of Administration and Magistrature- Cycle A and B until 2006, in the following subjects: - Registration fees - Tax on income from movable Capital (IRCM).

Birima Mangara was also - Intervention Fund Manager of the General State Inspectorate (institution , human, financial and logistical ressources management) from June 2006 to June 2008;

- Chairman of the State's Property Heritage Monitoring Committee Abroad (Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Finance) since June 2008;

- Head of the Division of related missions (Pilgrimage to Mecca, Senegal's state property Heritage Abroad, Service Handover between the Ministers of the Government of Senegal, Special Missions of the President of the Republic.).

- Deputy Chief of Cabinet of the President of the Republic since 14 January 2013. other information

- Verification Commission of Audit and Control of Public Enterprises - CVCCEP (Chamber of the Court of Auditors): single candidate admitted to the entrance tests - 2000 session. - Chairman of the Special Delegation in NGOR District Municipality in 2002; - Recovery Internship (2002): National Tax School of Paris;

- Work placement (November 2007) at the Office of the Auditor General of Quebec (Canada) in the Directorate of advice Services in Financial Certification and Quality Insurance Directorate, of the Directorate for consulting services for ressources optimisation, of the Directorate of administration and accountability and Commissioner for Sustainable Development. Trainer at the National School of Administration and Magistracy - Cycle A and B until 2006, in the following subjects: - Registration Fees - Income Tax Movable Capital (IRCM). DECORATION

- Chevalier dans l’ordre national du Lion - Officier de l’Ordre national du Lion.

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  • Quarterly GDP: + 3.6% (Q2)
  • Harmonised Index: + 0.8% (Oct.)
  • National Index: + 0.4% (Sep.)
  • Export: -33.6% (August)
  • Import: -11.0% (August)
  • Export prices: -2.7% (August)
  • Import prices: -0.6% (August)
  • Inflation: -0.7% (S1)
  • Competitiveness: +0.2
  • Current account balance: -10% of GDP
  • Budget balance: -5.1% of GDP
  • Growth rate: +4.9%



Rue René Ndiaye x Avenue Carde, 4017 Dakar
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